Best turntable under 300 – Detail Guide

Welcome to complete Guide of  best turntable under 300 with complete Features , Pros and Cons of Record player to choose in 2016.

Are you miss the vibe of 1970’s music? Are you miss the magical voice of the vinyl records? Do you think that the Turntables are so costly? Then you are wrong because you are living in the digital world, so in 1960, the vinyl record stored the music in the form of analog sounds, because of this one record merely saves around 22 minutes’ music. But nowadays music store in a compressive form like mp3 and wave so by this you can save unlimited of songs on a single pen drive.

Best turntable under 300

If you are low on budget but looking for an affordable turntable, don’t worry this detailed article will help you buying decision.We have some Great Record player reviews which are a best seller on the amazon.

so let’s deep dive into the Best turntable Under 300 review’s

Audio Technica AT-LP120BK

  • It sounds very Amazing and crystal clear.
  • In this turntable, the company adds Magnetic Cartridge, so it gives you the better voice quality than, the cheaper ceramic cartridge.
  • It’s very easy to install because the instruction is very clear as vodka.
  • Compare with the price it’s the best choice.
  • It has a robust and powerful DC motor.
  • The turntable platter is made up of aluminum.
  • You can connect the turntable to your personal computer as well as with your Macintosh using USB cable.
  • It has an adjustable Tone-Arm for height adjustment purpose.


  • Short Connecting cable than others.


Ion Audio iPTUSB


It is a light weighted than others turntable. If you have any old standard size records, then you can play those vinyl records with this has inbuilt speakers and battery backup so you can carry it outside for any vacation.

It also has one cool feature, that you will convert your old records to mp3 files.

  • Ion Audio provides you Two Softwares for easy to conversion that is ION’s exclusive software suite and  EZ Vinyl Converter.
  • You can connect this turntable with Audacity software, use this you can record your vinyl records in very less time.
  • It also provides you facility that you can do listening and recording at a time so this one also a great feature which is not present in most of the other turntables. this is also one of the reasons that we select this turntable in best turntable under 300 categories.
  • It looks average than others.
  • It is available in only one color that is silver.

Stanton T92USB


If you like deejaying, and you are looking for the turntable in your budget, then this is the best option for you. Its professional turntable made for deejaying. It comes with all latest features like speed change in less than one second, digital outputs, etc. it’s very easy to handle even any beginner can operate this with that why its one of the best turntable under 300 .

  • It sends full and robust signals through USB.
  • Its sound quality is pretty excellent compared to a price even if you are playing any hip hop or rap genre song then this turntable sounds fantastic.
  • It has a Quality Cartridge; that provides you ultimate sound quality.
  • It has an impressive direct drive motor that improves your turntable accuracy.
  • You can also connect this turntable with your high end highly professional speakers.
  • It works fantastic with twelve inches’ standard records.
  • It is little heavier than other turntables.
  • If you scratch too much in very short time, then it may harm to turntable DC motor.

Music Hall MMF 2.2


This turntable uses an award-winning cartridge namely Magic Two Phono. That gives you a better tracking force and angle. The music quality of this turntable is lovely that can impress so many is available in different colors that are black white and red with the glossy finish.

  • It is a vibration resistant that provides excellent stability.
  • It looks sexy in the glossy finish.
  • There are no any hum and noises problems, so that’s why it gives you excellent sound quality.
  • It has a superior dust cover that provides extra protection, and it is very easy to install and remove.
  • The bass and highs of the turntable are very crystal clear.
  • it is entirely manual, so if you are familiar with automatic, then this turntable take your time to learn, how to operate.

Music Hall usb-1


If you used turntable before then, you know that the Music Hall is the very known brand. If you have a great collection of vinyl records, and you want to listen to that records in your living room and spend some quality time with magical music, then this best turntable under 300 is the best choice for you.

  • The turntable has a built-in amp.
  • It gives you excellent playback speed that is 45 rpm.
  • It sounds brilliant and crisper that gives you the real experience.
  • It works great with newer as well as older vinyl records.
  • The USB functionality makes more portable and efficient.
  • It looks so classy than other turntables.


  • It’s not automatic like MMF2.2.
  • It’s available in only black color.


I hope after reading the review of Best turntable Under 300 you have made your final decision to buy turntable stereo which suits you.

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