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Are you a fan of premium quality products? Are you prefer quality over the money? Are you always give priority to branded products over cheap and replica products? We all are live in the twenty-first century, where people mostly store their songs in the DVD and iPod, but some of the guys like me and you loves to listen to vinyl records on the turntable.Best Turntable Under 500
It’s obvious that if you spend $300-$500 on the turntable, then you expects it should be best in sound should be professional looking as well as it made up by branded parts. It should be from branded company so you can get excellent service from that turntables company and you can use your turntable for long now I am going to write pros and cons on each and every product that are Best Turntable Under 500 .

Here is the top five best turntable under 500

Audio Technica AT-LP120

The Audio Technica is the very known brand in the music industry. It makes the best musical instrument like mic, headphones, turntables, and much mores. This Audio Technica AT-LP120 is the premium quality product.It looks good in both silver and black color. So this turntable comes with R-MIX software bundle. The R-MIX software bundle helps you in converting long playing records into the digital has a high-torque motor that provides you excellent performance. that’s the reason AT-LP120 wins the first spot in best turntable under 500.
It has a USB functionality so you can connect your turntable to your personal computer. It is compatible with windows as well as mac.


The Sounds quality is superb.
There is no audio output issue like the audio hum and noise.
The on-off buttons look impressive.
It has a built-in pre-amp so you won’t need to buy the new external pre-amp direct box.
It has an excellent solid platter as well as professional forceful DC motor.
You can also convert LP records using Audacity Software.
You can also connect any branded receiver like Yamaha RX-V667 7.1 via audio port.


The audio cables are little short.
The setup is little bit pain for the newbie.

Teac LP-R550USB

This turntable is so unique than other turntables because it has a facility of cd recorder with the cassette.It specifically made up for multipurpose like you can record your vinyl record on cd etc.
You can also listen FM and AM using this turntable.
If you have LP record collection as well as cd’s and cassettes collection, and you want to play all thing in one player, then this is the best buy for you.


Beautiful and clean interface with a digital screen that gives you easy accessibility.
You can digitalize your records and cassettes collection very quickly; it gives you output in the form of mp3 WMA or PCM.
It also provides you the facilities of built-in speakers, headphone output as well as USB accessibility.
You don’t want to worry about any driver programs for recording it on your personal computer you can record it using free software like Audacity.
Instruction book provides you immaculate direction so you can easily understand how it works.


In-Built speaker volume is average compared to other turntables.

Pro-Ject Debut Carbon

The Pro-Ject Debut Carbon looks so stylish and charming in shining black of the best thing is that it has 8.6 inches carbon tonearm.It comes with newly made Sorbothane motor suspension.
In this turntable, the company uses high-quality Ortofon 2M Red cartridge.The price of the cartridge is $100+ itself. So now you got some idea about how the quality product is at such an affordable price. so for that reason, we add Pro-Ject Debut Carbon in best turntable under 500.


It has a little heavy, bigger size platter.
It has a moving magnet Cartridge with single pic carbon tonearm.
It’s effortless to setup and very simple to use.
The cartridge quality is prime.
Pro-Ject Debut Carbon is quite accurate at such an affordable price.
The sound quality is clear, even at the high volume.


You should purchase speed box for measure the exact speed for fine tuning.


It is a well constructed as well as looks so stylish with silver noob and tonearm.It’s looking so attractive in all four colors that are red, black, white and cherry. Look wise as well as sound quality wise it reminds you the feel of 70’s whenever you listen to old songs. that’s why we choose TN 300 under the best turntable under 500 category if you don’t like to mess with connectivity and setting, then this turntable or record player is best for you.


It has a built-in preamp that truly works great.
It has a built-in phono equalizer.
The Cartridge is a very high quality made up by Audio Technica.
It has a built-in USB output.
It’s very easy to jump at any speed.
You can also use USB output for transferring music from record to Macintosh or PC.


It is unable to play 78 rpm’s records.
It is lighter in weight.

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Audio Technica AT-LP1240

AT-LP1240 is professionally designed for the deejays.
That’s why it has all features which deejay want when he performs in nightclubs or parties. The features like the nightclub and touring has a beautiful dust cover that protects your turntable even outside when you are on a tour. It has a powerful multi-pole motor which is the most of the deejay keep in mind when they buy turntables or record players. It directly connects to your Mac book by using USB cable.


It has a high-torque multi-pole motor that gives you high speed.
It gives you best spinning experience.
It is 95% made up of metal.
Vinyl records sound quality is way better than compact disk.
Sound quality is very accurate on the high or low pitch.


Setup instruction is not suitable, and the instruction of cartridge installation and alignment is not present.

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